A Feeling of Dread’

Fresh from the pages of Spartan Games’ website we have another sneak peek at a Dreadn0ught. This time it’s the Relthoza’s turn. The Apex Class Dreadnought is, in a word, epic.
The thing I’ve enjoyed most about the images that Spartan are teasing us with over the release of the Dreadnoughts is that they’ve managed to retain the ‘fleet identity’ whilst still presenting an awesome looking model that sets itself apart from the rest of the fleet not in size but in attention to detail. I think you’ll agree that the Apex Class Dreadnought fires the imagination and will get gamers psyched just as much as its rivals. If not more so.

The Apex Class Dreadnought alongside the Brood Class Battleship

The Apex Class Dreadnought & Brood Class Battleship front on for size comparison.

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