Sorylians The New Batch

My second order of Sorylians finally arrived. Apparently there was some SNAFU with a supplier or some such. Whatever the reason I’m just glad they’ve arrived ahead of the 1,000 point game I have planned with @Chris_S_79 at the weekend. Our wives don’t know yet so shhhhh!

On the rocket docket was 1 gunship, 2 cruisers and 6 frigates. The gunship was a total indulgence because the model is awesome and massive. It’s also the only ship in the Sorylian fleet that has all forward facing weapons which makes it either a hunter killer or a spear tip. Either way I expect it to draw a lot of fire power. But that’s fine, if it’s being shot to shit then the rest of my fleet isn’t…

The gunship is already ‘built’ and on its stand. I put built in inverted commas because it’s a single piece model, it just needs a bit of tidying up. Sadly, however, one of the cruisers has been so poorly cast that I’m having to carefully cut away all the horrid blobs of resin with a small etching tool, not to mention what looks to be parts of the cast. Although entirely the fault of Spartan Games’ quality control manager it leaves a bitter taste having waited so long for them.  I’ll do what I can but I may well just have to have a slightly mauled, battle worn cruiser in the fleet.

All that aside, I now have 1,000 points of Sorylians (including wings) so now I need to get down to the business of painting them. Hopefully you would have read my earlier post The Sorylians Have Landed and had a chance to look at the image below for possible colour scheme options.

After listening to the feedback both on the Blog and The Shell Case forums I’ve decided to opt for the reptile colour scheme. I really like the colours and the scale texture will add real depth and texture to the curving surfaces of the Sorylians’ upper hulls. So watch this space as I put paint to model for the first time in an embarrassingly long time…

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