Dust Off

So in my search to find a new gaming system to fill the hole made by Warhammer Fantasy I’ve come to the conclusion I don’t enjoy fantasy games all that much. I like the background well enough but the games themselves just aren’t for me. It’s probably the lack of guns, tanks, explosions etc. And also magic just gets on my tits. My fellow bloggers & Twit(terer)s tried to get me onto Warmachine which is somewhere between steampunk and fantasy and they almost had me right up until the Warjacks were explained to me as ‘like dreadnoughts but powered by steam and magic’. Really? I can buy into Dystopian Wars and their terribly convenient sturginium and the unfeasibly early industrial revolution because it’s humanity being terribly clever with technology.

As soon as we start throwing magic into the mix we may as well finish every sentence with that old line ‘and with a puff of smoke he was free’. Because that’s all essentially magic is. It’s a get of jail free card. It’s the pollyfilla of the fantasy word. Can’t explain something? Just say it’s magic. Fuck. Off.

Which brings me on to Dust Warfare. A game from the mind of none other than the legendary Andy Chambers, set during the late 1940s where the Second World War hasn’t ended, in no small part to the discovery of some sexy alien tech. In a way it’s a similar concept to Dystopian Wars only 70 or so years later and it involves some very cool looking mechs, so it instantly gets my vote.

So a familiar setting with a cool twist. But cleverly, rather than making all the advancements look inherently alien, Andy Chambers and the chaps at Fantasy Flight have shrewdly applied the design aesthetics of the time to everything so it’s familiar yet different, if that makes any kind of sense. Now, unfortunately, the game isn’t available yet so I can’t comment on how it plays or anything like that but, on the surface of things, it looks like it could be something quite special.

My only concern, which is perhaps too strong a word, is the models as thus far it’s hard to get a measure of them. Now the walkers look lovely but I’m pretty sure you can’t just have an army of those. Because that’d be Battletech and I’m sure some folk would get sued. But at this stage it’s hard to tell if the models are single cast or multipart, and if it’s the latter how much customisation is available. From what I have seen though there’s a couple of quite cheeky sci-fi units in the game which, along with the mechs, should make the game a giggle. So long as the bog standard ground pounders aren’t side-lined in favour of heavy hitting, elite, armies. But, to be fair, Andy Chambers has been doing this long enough to know how to balance armies so I’m not too worried.

So I’ll end saying this – so far Dust Warfare looks like a game I could really get into. And as it’s an alternate reality I avoid all the guilt I’d feel for playing a game of something that so many lost their lives fighting. The models that I’ve seen look like they’re of a good standard, but until the ranges are released and/or I can get up close and personal with some of them I won’t know how much of my heard earned  cash I’ll be spending on it.

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