Fresh from the Forge

Forgeworld have once again released a fat slice of awesome with Armenneus Valthex, Astral Claws Master of the Forge with Conversion Beamer and a rather cheeky boarding assault upgrade pack complete with Graviton gun.


I love Forgeworld for the simple fact that everything they do, they do because it’s cool. Boarding assault upgrade kit? Really? Fuck yeah! Why not? Why the hell not? Stuff like that encourages us as gamers to dream up new and exciting scenarios and campaigns. It also makes us look at new environments in which to set our games, like this staggeringly awesome set of awesome from Ainsty – which was posted on The Shell Case forum by a member who clearly doesn’t understand my toy addiction:

And brings me back to a point I’ve touched on before, which is by having a narrative and story driven scenarios it takes the gaming experience to a whole new level. Plus, you get an excuse to buy the above. Which would be awesome. Maybe I should start a collection…

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