Man O Warhammer

So there’s been rumours flying around for a couple of months now of a limited edition boxed game (ala Space Hulk re-released in 2009) of a revamped Man’O’War.

Dubbed Seahammer, information was pretty thin on the ground in so much as it was probably Empire vs Vampire Counts and that it’d be an all in one job. Well, with the image below now in circulation, details are beginning to hit forums across the interwebs. The two things that look to be certain are that this all in one naval romp is called Dread Fleet and it isn’t Man’O’War version 2.0. More than likely it’ll be a Gothic mechanic. Which suits me fine.

The various reports are, however, a little bit contradictory. Depending on who you talk to Dread Fleet will be:

  • Most likely Empire vs Sartosan Vampire Pirates.
  • Other sources claim that the Empire contingent will more likely be a Magnificent Seven alliance of iconic ‘good guy’ ships. So Empire (possibly Witch Hunter), Dwarf, High Elf, Bretonnian.
  • The Vampire fleet is also rumoured to have ships influenced by different parts of the Warhammer World, so Empire, Araby, Cathy etc.
  • Also, depending on, where you do your reading the set will either include 7 ships aside plus ‘lots of scenery’ or ‘loads and loads of models’.

To be honest, I’m not too fussed whether it’s ‘lots’ of models or 7 aside as it has the potential to be a lot of fun. With no leaked photos of models we can only guess how they look but hopefully they’ll put as much effort into them as they did for Space Hulk.

You can, I’m confident in saying, expect a full colour rulebook and a £60 price tag. Rumoured release date also falls squarely in October…

2 thoughts on “Man O Warhammer

  1. Not sure where they’re going with this but the limited release with a guarantee of no expansions ala space hulk gets me all giddy, why? I can buy a really lush set with gorgeous models and know that I can use it to rope in my sister / brother in-law to my nerdy world without going through the hassle of explaining army lists etc.. they like their games but not sure if the concept of wargaming / playing a game where everything you need *isn’t* in the core box would gel with them.

    Plus… naval battles! What’s not to love? If the mini quality is on a par with space hulk then I’ll definitely put myself down for a copy.

    1. I think a big part of the appeal is the ‘all in one-ness’ of it. It’s a fully contained game, with lovely models, a beautifully presented book and all you need to do is chuck a blue sheet over your gaming boards and you’re away. It takes a lot of the pressure of gamers, especially those that don’t have/want to spend, a lot of money, but they still get something a bit special.

      The fact is that Games Workshop could probably do very well out of these games if they were to have them on the shelves along with everything else but it would mean moving away from their business model. So these little brusts of awesome as limited runs reminds gamers they’re still about fun, but are able to make a healthy bit of cash out of it.

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