The Promise of Things to Come

The postman was very warmly received this morning in my house as not one but two parcels were delivered. The first from the USA from those fine chaps at MERCSminis in the form of the full colour and thorouhgly lovely rulebook and complete CCC & USCR factions.

The pictures aren’t great but if you take a look at the MERCS website you’ll get an idea of the shiny that I have before me. The other parcels was from the one and only Mike McVey formerly of Games Workshop and now of McVey Studios. Sedition wars will be fully released soon and Mr McVey has agreed for me to write a first look review. So, along with a game mat that’ll remain under wraps for now, he sent me some of the awesome Vanguard models and a resin Strain model.

Again you can’t really see the shiny all that well so you’ll have to visit the site for finished articles but rest assured that over the next two or three weeks these bad boys are going to get painted up and full reviews hitting The Shell Case. Before that though, Gruntz will be getting the treatment. So stay tuned.

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