Fresh from the Forge

It looks like those attending Games Day this year are in for a bit of a treat. For £80 you can get your grubby little gaming mits on a Proteus (MKI) Land Raider. Yes the old tub is back in a complete resin kit. It’s had a bit of a tart up but it’s still the same old Land Raider that we remember from our youth. With the kind of price Forgeworld are asking you’ll have to be damn certain you want one but for anyone collecting a pre-heresy army you shouldn’t be let out of there without one.

The other slice of shiny is some mental Dark Eldar contraption called the Tantaleus. I don’t know what it is or what it does but it certainly hits my hobby spot. It is awesome, and looks on the big side. Although at £85 you’d have to be mad or mad about the Dark Eldar.

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