Name My Game

Regular followers on Twitter and members of The Shell Case forums will know that I’m working on my very own wargame. Those closer to me will know that it’s been a labour of love for over a decade. Starting off as hand written rules and had drawn diagrams before graduating up to Word and MS Paint. The rules have been tweaked, tweaked some more before, in the current version, being ripped out and re-written. In truth there’s not much of the original that has survived. But I take that as a good thing because there’s been a steady evolution that will make Project Awesome, hopefully, an enjoyable game to play.

Now, the problem I have is that Project Awesome is without a name. It had a name for a long time but I never really liked it so it’s been dropped. There was the prospect of a new name but that’s all gone tits up. So, I thought I’d throw it open to the fine people of the Interwebs. Below is a list of potential names. I’d love to get your feedback either on the forum, a comment on here or on Twitter for what you think is the best name, or if you think of something else then please suggest it:

Fallen Empires
Dread Stars
Burning Skies
Burning Stars
Conflict Helios
Galaxy in Flames
Empires at War
Invasion: Legacy
Void Wars
Fleet: Conquest
Fleet: Armageddon
Constellation Wars
Solar Dominion
Solar Empires

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