New Eldar Codex Rumours

2012 could be the year Eldar players have been waiting for. Rumours are starting to creep out that Codex Craftworld Eldar will be the 1st or 2nd 6th Edition Codex released after the rulebook itself. Hints and implications coming from hobby stores is that the Space Marines will be the other one, but we’ll see. Then again, what’s a 40k re-release without a new Space Marine codex?

The rumours are suggesting new sculpts for Warlocks and Aspect Warriors. No details whether or not these will be plastic multi-part kits or finecast. My money is on the latter. Guardians are being redone which I’m actually a bit sad about because the current models are still lovely, even though they’re about a decade old. But Eldar players will be pleased to hear that they’ll be getting weapons platforms and storm squad components in the box. May need a pinch of salt with that though as it strikes me as a lot of plastic.

More good news in the form of jumpjet upgrades for Warwalkers and possibly Wraithlords as well as new grav-tank variants. Indications are that the falcon chassis will remain unchanged.

Vypers and Jetbikes are getting a complete overhaul. At first I didn’t think the Vyper needed it but when you think about the rest of the range and compare it to what the DEldar are packing they deserve something a bit sexier. Same very much goes for the Jetbikes.

The Avatar is also getting a long overdue facelift. Apparently it won’t be as big as the Forgeworld model but will have the option to carry a spear or sword. This’ll be finecast so make sure you’re sitting down when the price is released.

And finally the Eldar will be getting something called the Shimmershield. As yet unconfirmed as an upgrade or a psychic power but essentially a cover save for the unit which will most likely be stackable. I’ve heard, though, that once deployed the unit is unable to move. Not sure how that fits in with their rapid approach to war but I guess if used wisely it’ll give the squishy Eldar some needed resilience.

I’ll post more news as I hear about it.


One thought on “New Eldar Codex Rumours

  1. i need some good updates badly with my noobiness and the way my buddies’ wolves, death co, and templars always destroy me. Oh and btw Dire avenger exarch already has shimmershield. 😉

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