Hind Commander – Review

My good and loyal friend @DocBungle has published a review for Hind Commander over at Miniature Musings of a Bear.
And as I’m a thoroughly nice chap I thought I’d direct your attention over to his blog.


Time for another review today so as we spin the wheel what do we get?

Hind Commander (miniature helicopter battles).

Produced by Assault Publishing out of Poland, it is their first go at doing a miniature system. So lets see what we have here then.

It is a game of helicopter battles based around some scale miniatures with the aim combat being about the whirlie birds there are chances to use both other aircraft and ground troops.

Like my other reviews I aim to do the following Fluff; Miniatures; Rulebook; Rules/Mechanics; what you get for your money and a Summary. Or FMRRMWYGFYMS for short.

Read more here.

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