Science & Guns

I hadn’t intended on posting this but the more I look at the images the more I realise what a cracking job Spartan Games did with this model.

Behold the Covenant of Antarctica Daedalus Class Dreadnought.

I think what makes it so impressive is that although a weapon of war, that wasn’t the primary thought when it was designed. The Covenant are, after all, scientists and artisans. All great thinkers. And they’ve only gone to war because they had to, not because that’s their business.

I mean look at it! It’s just gorgeous. I’d really resisted the urge to collect a Covenant of Antarctica fleet partly because I didn’t want to jump on the new release band wagon, but mainly because I’d already bought a FSA starter fleet. But looking at these renders I think I’ve changed my mind.

Yes…I think a purchase needs to be made…

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