Mordheim and the Comtessa

So after a long day at work I was able to make it to a game of Mordheim with The Chaps. It’d been a little while since playing and I still haven’t written the after action report from the last game so it felt great to take to the streets once more and have my female band of Witch Hunters and their entourage of pervy zealots and flagellants bring misery to the denizens of the city of the damned.

We played a straight forward wyrdstone hunt that ultimately ended with all four players with 2 shards each. It was, as is always the case with The Chaps, a highly entertaining game with Dire Wolves being curb stomped to second death by Marienburger halberdiers, whilst their problem drinker captain (Baron Ludwig Von Bomberg) stood atop a barrel goblet of wine in hand and shot at anything that moved with his duelling pistols. But, proving that alcohol is Slannesh’s moob milk, he did nothing more than make a lot of noise and almost fall of said barrel.

My Witch Hunters weren’t much more effective; two of them being taken out of action by a Skaven henchman – which should have been taking all on your own tests I’ve just remembered!! – thanks to the critical hit rule. I’ve always sat on the fence with regards to this rule, but after last night I feel that it shouldn’t be open to henchman because (A) they lack the skills at arms for a ‘killing blow’ and (B) they’re at their best when grouped together. This may smack of sour grapes but it’s utterly nonsense to me that a shitty little Skaven can take on a Warhound, a Witch Hunter and a Witch Hunter Captain and walk away unscathed…well until the dog got his act together and ripped the little rat bastard to bleeding, fur covered, chunks.

To be fair, the Witch Hunter Captain had just taken out a Skaven hero with a pointblank shot the eye. The bullet it seemed was possessed by some form of enchantment, causing multiple injures, entering the hapless Skaven’s eye, exiting his chest before imbedding itself in his thigh, rather ruining the ratman for future games. Another rather amusing moment was when one of my flagellants bombed through the Garden of Morr and caved in the skull of a fleeing Skaven hero, wyrdstone clutched in his twisted claws, with a spectacular swing of his flail. The whole thing has got me thinking a lot about house rules and the associated advantages and disadvantages and decided to cover the topic in more depth in another post.

But the biggest revelation for me was that my Witch Hunter armed with a great weapon is pap. At least right now. Running around in a high mobile warband with a weapon that strikes last makes her highly vulnerable – not only to shooting – but in any combat she makes it into. She’s the back up plan – if the first Witch Hunter doesn’t kill the target then she can finish her off. Except any gamer with half a brain will just direct their attacks that the model with the strength 5 weapon who hasn’t had a pop yet. Needless to say she spends games running around snatching objectives or being stabbed a lot. It’s only my often unbelievable luck when rolling dice that has kept her injury free.

So, following a healthy exploration phase and a jammy roll to get my Witch Hunter Captain a brace of duelling pistols, I decided that the great weapon had to go. Which had the added bonus of me getting rid of a model I’ve gone off a bit. So after a little bit of equipment reshuffling and a brief look on Freebooter I decided that the model I’m currently using as the captain will be demoted to a normal Witch Hunter and the Captain, also known as Boss Bird, shall now be played by the rather excellent Comtessa model…

She totally fits in with the image I’ve created for my Witch Hunters and it actually starts to paint a picture that, perhaps, they’re not sanctioned Witch Hunters at all and, instead a moneyed Countess that has put her personal fortune behind an expedition to cleanse the streets of Mordheim, for reasons unknown.

The detailing is brilliant, although I may need to do a spot of converting for weapons, although the back of the dress does rather look like it could conceal an arsenal.

Once the wee lady is bought and painted I’ll post the end result, perhaps with the rest of the warband.

We also threw around some cracking ideas for scenarios so once they’re written I’ll make them available to download in the gaming resources section of the site.

6 thoughts on “Mordheim and the Comtessa

  1. Two hand weapons up the bustle?

    Nice touch on the all-female WH warband. I must have a rummage through your archives – seems like an interesting concept.

    1. Something like that. I do imagine her to be the kind of agent that has weapons and devices concealed about her person. And to be honest, I’ve always been one for having cool models over ‘accurate models’. A model like the Comtessa is so nice (and pricy) that I’m not going to worry about covering her in odds and sods.

      I’ve not written much about my Warband so perhaps I should. Nice blog by the way, you should sign up to The Shell Case forums and join the Alliance.

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