It’s Not Propaganda…

…it’s good advertising…

Spartan Games are working over time at the awesome factory at the moment. And not content with bombarding us with images of the up and coming ships and other contraptions for Firestorm Armada and Dystopian Wars, they’ve penned a few rather funky Propaganda posters.

I think the thing I like most about them, aside from some rather striking design and a great sense of humour, is that Spartan are really getting behind their backgrounds now. A rich universe to game in is a fun universe to game in and I think when the new iteration of Firestorm Armada comes out we’ll see even more fluff than before. I also suspect as fleets are re-released we’ll start to get booklets included in starter boxes like we’ve seen with the Covenant of Antarctica (review for that slice of awesome coming soon) which will dramatically enhance the background and therefore gaming experience. Not to mention the added benefit of not having small cards littering the board with all the handy, need to know, special rules on the back.

But my musings aside, scroll down for some Spartan awesomeness…

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