The Tarakian – A Review

Continuing my batch of Spartan Games reviews I got my hands on a Tarakian Ganak class Battleship and a pack of Sulan Class Cruisers. Because I could really.

Part of the Alliance of Kurak I reasoned that I could always bolt the models on to my Sorylian fleet pushing it ever close to 1,500 points. Not that I need a fleet that big but as I’ll be getting a dreadnought in the near future I may as well go all out.

So anyway, the Tarakians. The thing that really surprised me when I got my hands on the models was that the battleship was fecking massive (a whisker or two longer than the Sorylian Swordbreaker Class) and the Cruisers were, comparatively tiny. The other thing was that they’re really quite lovely.

I love the indomitable slab sided design of the Ganak Class. It kind of takes all the best bits from the ships of Babylon 5 and throws them all together in a hefty lump of awesome. And the engine housings are just the tits. I love the curving, organic, design that clashes with the bulky lump it’s bolted on to the end of.

The weapon systems come in separate pieces, the fun part being you get to play around with the layout a little bit and the detail is there but not overdone just because it doesn’t need it. The lack of detail makes the ship look all the bigger, tougher and stronger. And to be fair, it has the stat line to match.

The Sulan Class Cruisers are a funny contrast.

Don’t get me wrong, they look so very cool but they’ll curves and very groovy segmented armour plates compared to the flying curb stone that is the battleship. Plus they really are dwarfed by the the battleship and even the Sorylian Cruister. They’re bulk, however, will hopefully convey their resilience on the board. And if not…well my opponent will learn a bitter lesson.

The quality of the design and the casting is all there and it’s not until you really look at the models that you see all the detail and the effort that went into them. The models are easy to build and don’t require much in the way of cleaning. Although one of my launch bays on the battleship was every so slightly miscast. The almost sad thing about the Tarakian models being a part of the Kurak Alliance is that there isn’t any more models (that I’m aware of anyway) coming out for them. Each minor race offers what military might they can afford to give and the Tarakian punted their battleships and cruisers.

Of course it does mean that I get to mix and match with the Xelocian and any other races that come out. Plus the Hantari Class Cruiser looks awesome.

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