Black Templars Rumour Roundup

A long ignored Codex, Black Templars are in dire need of a revamp simply because the current codex is horribly unbalanced resulting in a thoroughly unsatisfying gaming experience for user and opponent alike.

Once again I’ve been trawling the sites and finching what I’ve found. Bell of Lost Souls have provided this little lot. Add salt to taste…

Black Templars are, apparently, due out before the Tau. Although I find this hard to believe, the Foaming at the Mouth brigade certainly deserve a new codex more than pretty much any other army in the game now the Necrons have finally had a tart up.

New Sword Brethren and Neophyte multipart kits will be released which should lead to many sexy conversions for other Marine armies.

Vows will be less, well, dumb. There’s also a unit called knights of the inner circle (or something along those lines). Not much information but expect something utterly mental

More Codex rumours:
– Phil Kelly is writing the Codex.
– More emphasis on the horde aspect of the army with lots of large units of Initiates and Neophytes.
– Emperors Champion is more in line with the company champion of the Grey Knights but is still 2 wounds. Gains preferred enemy against independent characters and monstrous creatures.
– Righteous Zeal rule could be changing to be more along the lines of the Rage USR. Something along the lines of if they fail a Ld test then they are subject to Rage and must advance towards the nearest enemy unit. As yet the details are sketchy.
– All the current special characters (ie: Helbrect and Grimaldius) will remain. Also mention of a special character who is like the greatest of all of the Emperor’s Champions and the greatest warrior in the Black Templars. Plus a bike mounted special character with a lance like weapon but I’d make that a very salty tidbit.
– Sword Brethren are to get a special rule where when they are assaulted the enemy unit has to re-roll all successful hits, at the expense of 1 attack. It’s called “parry”. It sounds like utter bullshit so is probably true.
– Land Raiders, when suffering a 5 or 6 on the damage chart* (so “wrecked” or “destroyed”) gets one more turn where it rampages, think along the lines of the machine spirit going berserk. Again, sound fucking dumb so will probably make it to the codex.

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