Chaos Legions Rumour Roundup

With the looming release of 6th Edition Warhammer 40,000 (you’d better start selling organs to pay for it) comes news that there will be 3 codices for the forces of Chaos; Chaos Daemons – which is about…er…daemons, Chaos Renegades – detailing the fall of Space Marine chapters into Chaos, and Chaos Legions – a dedicated codex for the original sonsabitches who betrayed the Emperor 10,000 years ago.

It’s a nice to idea to split the codices out as bunching renegades and the traitor legions together never made that much sense. The traitor legions (replacements not withstanding) have been waging war against the Imperium or themselves for 10,000 years so should be pretty, well, good at curb stomping. Now although time as we understand it doesn’t exist in the warp and, in theory, depending on where you are within it, the Heresy could have only just finished for one legion but for others it’s been the full 10,000 years making them incredibly experienced/bitter/mental*. Renegades, on the other hand, are second, third, forth, fifth etc foundings of loyalist Space Marine chapters that have succumbed to Chaos. This meant that the current iteration of the Codex Chaos Space Marines either needed to make everyone shit to reflect the averageness of the Renegades, everyone hard as nails to represent the grizzled state of the Legions or a bland middle to suit both. And for those that have read the current Codex you know where that particular dart landed.

*delete where appropriate

I’ve shamelessly snatched a details from Bell of Lost Souls on the latest rumours on the codex. But indications are that the background will no longer be thinner than Twilight’s story line, Abaddon will finally be getting a new model as will the Chaos Dreadnought. And, apparently, Little Horus (of the Horus Heresy novels) will also make an appearance. Which is actually way cool. And if you want to know how way; way way.

Anyway, rumoured coolness below:

Each Legion will have something unique to them, but will have unit restrictions to offset their inherent bonuses.

World Eaters for example may be restricted to 1 Havoc squad, but could potentially take more by “trading in” something else.

It won’t change according to your HQ choice but access to different units, rather than the number of unit types (fast attack, heavy support etc) being limited. So you’ll still have 3 heavy support choices, but what you can use will be restricted dependent on your chosen Legion.

Notes on the different Legions from a BoLS member:

*Nightlords: I don’t ask much about them, though a lil’ i have for my buddy Paul has around 25,000+ points of them…Hit & Run and Stealth for universal special rules, but possible counter attack (for elite unit) as well as jump pack troops.

*Word Bearers: Apparently getting a lil’ extra attention, and besides Dark Apostles, new models for “daemonancers”, which just might be unit champs/sgt upgrades. I’m not sure. BUT, their summoning of Daemons from the Warp apparently allows re-rolls on the scatter dice, as well as new mishap chart!

*Deathguard: Feel no pain and blight grenades for their Cult Terminators, new nasty flamers upgrades.

*Thousand Sons: AP3 bolters will be MUCH more useful under 6th Edition, and a couple new Psychic abilities, one of which (supposedly) can remove an entire enemy squad from the table on a failed stat test!

*Iron Warriors: Access to Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield terminators, thunderfire cannon off-shoot, Havocs w/Tank Hunters and relentless for some squad…

*Emperor’s Children: Lash is finally changed to be more in line with Daemon version. More heavy weapons upgrade count for larger units. Better Bikes? Not sure what that means…

*Alpha Legion: Lots of infiltrating abilities, outflanking, and even temporary control of enemy squads/vehicles…basically sneaky bastards!

*Black Legion: HQs allow broader access to all unit types, but lack of better universal special rules.
Chaos units have built-in negatives depending on the God. It is unclear if these are just Cult Troops, or all Marked units

Nurgle units can’t perform Sweeping Advances and are what he refers to as “stoic” (possibly meaning slow and purposeful, possibly just the name of this group of rules)

Khorne has to “engage in some kind of combat every turn” (not sure what this means ie does shooting count?) or roll on a D6 table and suffer some random penalty

Tzeentch require a “command figure” (likely Sorcerer) or will act based on a random D6 roll

Slaanesh are described only as having “very harsh results”

Nurgle Flamers can be made poisoned 3+ or even 2+ (possibly through a special character).


Special Characters:
Characters will supposedly be very powerful, including the “Red Angel”.

No named Warsmith character as of yet, but they’d be mad not to but a Dark Mechanicum one seems to be in there.

We’ll see the return of Droomrider, Doombreed, and Cypher (all new models) as well as another 5 new characters. This does not preclude any or all existing special characters being included and a Slanneshi Dreadnought special character…

Ahriman will be better due to new Chaos Psychic powers as well as “some kind of guaranteed psychic ability that can’t be stopped via Psychic Hoods, etc”


Chaos Dreadnoughts will no longer act randomly, and are able to take marks, but will not be able to be Venerable.

Possessed will be improved and supposedly have upgrades either already included or that you can pay for.

There will be a “gladiator themed” World Eater unit

Emperor’s Children will have access to a unit described as “soul shieldsman” which is possibly an upgrade for Veterans.


There will be some kind of “Scout unit” which will not be available to World Eaters.

God-specific Daemons will likely be included, but only the lesser varieties (Plaguebearers, Bloodletters, Daemonettes & Horrors). Daemons will remain as they are in the Daemons Codex, but with slight points adjustments to reflect the ability to summon them and certain 6th edition changes.

Fast Attack

“Assault Berzerkers” with jump packs will be available as Fast Attack choices.

Doomrider will be a unit upgrade (presumably for Bike squads)

Nurgle Bikes are in, but their “Stoic” rule may make them less effective in his opinion.

A new unit called Brazen Knights consisting of “Skull Champions” (possibly super Khornate CSM Champions) riding Juggernauts

Heavy Support

Slaughterfiends from Apoc will be available, as well as versions for other Legions and Marks.

Obliterators maximum unit size is increased to 4

Daemon Engines can be taken as 3 per FOC slot

Legions will get a new Landraider pattern with a higher transport capacity (possibly 15) and is described as a “warped version of one of the Imperial versions”

Marked Legions are rumoured to get Havocs

There’s also a possibility of a new Monstrous Creature that is not a Greater Daemon. No further info is available as yet.

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