A Magical Round-up

That crazy @DocBungle has been at it again, posting summaries of all the different lores of magic for Warhammer Fantasy Battles.
Seeing as I no longer play the game it’s not something I could ever do myself so I’m shamelessly reposting all his hard work. Ain’t I a peach!?

Below is a link to each of his posts and his ‘end of week round up’. Enjoy.

Lore of Fire – The Wind of Aqshy

Lore of Metal – The Wind of Chamon

Lore of Beasts – The Wind of Ghur

Lore of Shadows – The Wind of Ulgu

Lore of Heavens – The Wind of Azyr

Lore of Light – The Wind of Hysh

Lore of Life – The Wind of Ghyran

Lore of Death – The Wind of Shyish

Magic Week round-up

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