Hobby Points

I’ve been playing around with a ground breaking new system that will revolutionise the way we, as wargamers, can get away spending all our free cash on lumps of metal, resin and plastic.

I give you: Hobby Points

This works in a very similar way to the fabled Brownie Point system. Doing good deeds as a husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend earns us Brownie Points which in turn can be exchanged for being let off untidy or lazy behaviour, a night on the xbox etc.

However this new scheme would see Brownie Points exchanged for Hobby Points. Hobby Points, much like Brownie Points, can be exchanged for perks, but of an entirely hobby based natures. So, for example, Hobby Points can allow us excessive hobby time, games nights or purchasing huge amounts of toys without guilt or fear of reprisals. Now, the exchange rate isn’t exactly one to one at the moment. I think that as Hobby Points are traded in exchange for good behaviour their value will increase.

For example; A surprise anniversary dinner for my wife with friends and family would have earned me pretty much a weekend of doing what the hell I liked had I spent Brownie Points. Opting for Hobby Points I’ve managed to secure a few hobby purchases despite it being nearly Christmas and money being a little on the short side. So it would seem environmental factors impact on the exchange rate but all in all, as a fledgling system it has legs.

I encourage all of you to put it to the test and report back with what you were able to get for your Hobby Points. It is my hope that we can establish a recognised exchange rate system so one and all can know exactly what they can get for, basically, towing the line.


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