What Kind of Day Has it Been?

I chose the name of my post in homage to something the great Aaron Sorkin (of West Wing & Studio 60 fame) use to do. It was always the name of the last episode of the first season of his shows and it those episodes were often quite reflective and a precursor of things to come. And it seemed quite fitting. Today has been a funny day. Not funny ha ha. Not even funny peculiar. Just funny. A comment on the company’s Facebook page pretty much derailed my day as it prompted a lot of investigation and even conversations with some very well paid lawyers.

But for me it signalled a change as I realised that thanks to this blog, and my Twitter page, social media is something I now really understand. To the point that I predicted everything that happened but was forced to sit impotently and watch it happen as my bosses floundered over what to do in a space they know nothing about. But also I realised for the first time that I wanted to leave because I was too good for them. I’ve been unhappy where I am for a long time now because of the way the company treats its staff and I think my desperation to leave has counted against me on more than on occasion. But today I realised that, actually, I have skills and things to offer a company and, actually, I’d be an asset.

This surge of well-being is entirely down to the community I’ve become a part of and the people working with me on the Super Mega Awesome Shell Case Project which is slowly making progress. All I need to do now is complete and find a new job. Not much to ask for I know.

But hopefully it’ll give me the kick up the arse I need to get back to posting more regularly, as well as getting lots of lovely reviews up including Saga, Heavy Gear, Task Force Zeta, Hour of Glory, Second Edition Three Plains and a few model reviews to boot.

Watch this space.

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