Games Day Miniature Goes Old School

I’m sure a few of you would have seen this floating around but I thought I’d share it anyway. It would appear that this year’s Games Day model is a homage to the second edition 40k cover artwork of the Blood Angel captain by John Blanche.

The Captain

The Box Art

All things considered it’s a nice sculpt. And it’ll be the first Games Day model to be produced in Finecast which, I’m sure, will have all the eBay sellers tight in the pants department thinking about all the extra money they’ll make out of the poor bastards that buy from them.

It’s quite nice to see the Games Workshop paying homage to its routes as, although it was second edition, it was this version of the game that really started to define the 40k Universe and inspired everything that followed. I know many people would argue that point with me but I always felt like Rogue Trader was just a bit of fun or somewhat of an experiment rather than a serious, focussed, effort. I think the Games Workshop was genuinely surprised that the game was successful, and thus they were doomed to live with the Dark Angels = gay marines joke forever. If you don’t get the reference look up the poet Lionel (Lion’el) Johnson and you’ll see what I mean.

It’s pretty unlikely I’ll be going this year as some friends of mine have rather selfishly decided to get married in September so I imagine my meagre funds will be spent on booze and an expensive gift, so I’ll need someone to pick me one up. Maybe.

That said, a part of me would love to have seen an updated mini diorama based on the Rogue Trader cover art because it was that image that first drew me to 40k, even though I didn’t actually start playing it until the second edition.

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