Vampire Counts Army Book Sneak Peek

Pages have been made available of the new Vampire Counts book. As we’ve come to expect from the latest incarnations of the Warhammer Armies books, it is beautifully realised. And judging by the book, articles on the Games Workshop website and elsewhere, they’ve finally figured out how to have varied armies.

Presumably the answer was to create new units. Seems obvious when you say it out loud.

Anyway, below is some shiny images, after which I’ve provided the interview with Phil Kelly. If it’s anything like his Dreadfleet interview I’d save for when you can’t sleep…

2 thoughts on “Vampire Counts Army Book Sneak Peek

  1. I keep swithering as to whether or not to start a fantasy army again, haven’t played it since 7th (?) ed, the one with the High Elves and Goblins and every time those folks in Nottingham bring out a new army my resistance diminishes.

    I think if they do new Bretonians or Wood Elves I won’t be able to help myself.

  2. “Yes, Phil, but what about the _rules_?”

    I dunno why they bother having the developers do these showcase things.

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