So following on from yesterday’s post about me starting a Middenheim warband for Mordheim I’ve been doing some research as to what models I’m going to use.

So I’ve more or less established the following:


Merc Captain (Count Kaiser von Braun)


Champion (Stefan Gruber)


Champion (Heidi von Braun)


Youngblood (Ana Vass – lady in waiting)

I’m also adding in the Exalted of Sigmar as a champion because, simply, it’s a great looking model and he’s running around with two hammers which is a win and totally in keeping with the look and feel of the warband I’m creating.


Moving down to the arrow-fodder, I’ve come to the conclusion that my only real choice for the rest of the warband is to get some Empire bowmen…


They’re great models, there’s plenty of beards and bad hair (another important feature of a Middenheim warband) and they don’t look too much like soldiers. More like personal guards. All I need to do is either find some sword arms or I’m going to have to buy some state troopers.


Although in light of maximum warband size, I’ll probably get both regardless. This’ll mean the warband could cost me as much £80, which beats the cost of Witch Hunters by quite some margin, but it’d look way cool…

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