Project Middenheim

So four of The Chaps and I, including the newest member; John (follow him @InformationHead), played a game of Mordheim last week. We played a slight variation of the Quayside scenario that can be downloaded for free in the gaming reources section of this blog.

The board looked smashing, sporting a quay (obviously), a jetty, fenced off ‘warehousing’ and even a hooker beneath a lamp post. We even threw in the rule that anyone straying too close had to pass an initiative test or fall foul of her charms and spend a turn being…serviced shall we say?

If only the game, for me, had been as fun as setting up the board. This had nothing to do with the game as such, or the company. I’ve been struggling to get into the campaign from the word go and I’m yet to have any measured success at all with my Witch Hunters. I’m not entirely sure why that is, although I think I can stand to review my tactics ahead of my game with John on Friday.

I’ve concluded that the reason I’ve not been enjoying myself is for the following reasons:
1. We’ve been playing far too many big games which almost always results in one warband taking a good kicking from all the others. When you have an ‘elite’ warband like mine each kicking is acutely felt.
2. The larger games have meant that even in defeat certain warbands have benefitted better than they should have and allows for abuse of victory conditions.
3. I’m not enjoying my warband. That’s not to say that I’m not very fond of Izabella von Strauss and her merry band of warrior women (and her pervy hangers on) but my enthusiasm has diminished.

This had me thinking about the future of the campaign and whether or not to:
A. Stop the campaign
B. Restart the campaign – especially in light of John’s addition to the group
C. Start a new game and a new campaign
D. B & C
E. Start a new warband and possible B and/or C

Needless to say, I’m leaning towards E. And as narrative is very important to me, I wanted to make sure that if I were to embark on a new warband that I’d be just as passionate about whoever they are as much as my Witch Hunters. To be honest, my choices were limited as we already have Marienburg and Reikland warbands in the campaign but I was already strongly leaning towards Middenheim because it allows me to start a completely fresh project on a style of models I never had before, with lots of personality but also allowing me to get stuck into finding some cracking models to make my warband unique.

Queue Freebooter Miniatures. Regular readers will know that I’m very fond of Freebooter as my Witch Hunters characters are all made up of their models. This time round I was looking for strapping chaps with beards rather birds with sharp sticks. And although I found a couple I also had to squeeze in a couple of girls too because the models are too good.

So below are four models from Freebooter that I quite fancy getting to kick the warband off with:


Intended to be used as the captain, this big bugger tells a story that he was once at the head of a proud army. His build suggests that although gone slightly to seed, he can still pack a punch. Especially with that chuffing great hammer.


This model is another beauty and comes with a fecking great hammer. Again, I’m thinking that he is most likely to be an ex-soldier, possibly having served beneath the captain and is now his bodyguard.


I’ve always loved this model and think it would play the role of the captain’s hot headed daughter having followed him to the City of the Damned, forcing him to add her to his roster of warriors just to keep her where he can see her.


And finally, a simple yet striking pose; this model would be the daughter’s maid/lady in waiting and circumstance has forced her to swap darning needles for short swords in an effort to keep her and her charge out of harms way. But being a Middenheimer, she’s not afraid of a fight.

It’s early days and I’ve not even orderd anything yet but it’s all very exciting. I just need to figure out how many more models I need, and where I can find them as accurate models that aren’t the very dated Free Company models are very hard to find.

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