This is not the kind of Comedy I set out to do…

So it would seem that the leaked 6th edition was not, in fact a hoax. Nor was it a leaked copy of the rulebook of any edition. It is, in the Games Workshop’s own words, the Heretics Rulebook.

Basically in the early days of 6th edition’s development the design studio was let off the leash to play around with the game and do what the hell they wanted. The more mad as bat shit stuff got cut and what was left then given to playtesters…who promptly gave it to the internet.

This, of course, makes the Heretics Rulebook officially unofficial. Which means that if you were naughty enough to download it you can enjoy them knowing that the rules are written by Games Workshop but they’re not, for want of a better term, proper.

I think the fun now will be figuring out what rules have a shot at making it into the finished article and what is a flight of fancy. I’m opening the batting with the reorganisation of the phases being cut and the new mechanism around tanks staying.

Have at it chaps, this leaked books gives us a lot of freedom to make our own Heretics Rulebook and see how it stacks up…

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