The Shell Case Shorts 2

That’s right peeps, it’s that time again!

Following the success of the Shell Case Shorts last month I’m running the competition again. This time round I’m all about science fiction so the prize will be a signed copy of Embedded by none other than Dan Abnett. Also the winning story will be the opening piece for the Shell Case Shorts Anthology.

As before, the rules are simple…

The story must be based upon an established science fiction wargaming IP e.g. Warhammer 40,000, Battlefleet Gothic, Heavy Gear, Eden, Firestorm Aramada etc. Steampunk falls under Science Fiction so all you Dystopian Wars fans out there get writing!

Your work is your own but intellectual property rests squarely with the companies in question and is only used under fair use. I reserve the right to publish any submissions in a strictly non-profit capacity. All published writers will be credited accordingly.

Submissions should attempt to evoke the spirit of their chosen IP – it doesn’t all have to be bombs and bullets. Although they are cool…

Word limit is 5,000 words (+/- 10%).

All entries must be received by midday Wednesday 29th February 2012 (this has been extended from the original deadline of the 23rd due to the higher word count) after which a single winner will be chosen. Submissions received after this will not be considered.

1 submission per person.

Work believed to be plagiarised will be disqualified.

All submissions must be sent as a Word document attached to an email to

[I received some lovely spam from one entrant last time, if this happens again offenders will be disqualified.]

Submissions must include at the top of the first page; the entrants name, a contact email address, Twitter name if applicable and the title of the story.

1 winner will be chosen and notified by email.

No discussion will be entered into, my decision is final.

The prize may not be exchanged for its cash value or an alternative. However, I reserve the right to substitute the prize if necessary.

Good luck and have fun!

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