New Citadel Paints Incoming

There’s been rumours a plenty about a shake up to the citadel colour range. To be honest I’m not sure the last one ended. This time it seems to be a new four tiered system. Foundation paints are staying in but looking at the picture below we now have base colours and layers. Chuck in washes and that’s your four.

Presumably the different paints have different pigment levels so layers will be far better suited to highlights and adding to base paints for mixes. The interesting thing about the shot above is White Scar white. Does this mean that the old faithful Skull White is dead? Well possibly not as it’ll most likely become a foundation or base paint, White Scar white being a layer paint and therefore thinner and thus better to highlight with.

Either way it’s an interesting system they’re introducing – although Cadian Fleshtone just looks like Elf Flesh with a new name – I just hope the prices don’t go up because it’s getting pretty difficult to justify the cost when there are so many other comparable paint systems out there.

As more news comes my way I’ll post it but in the mean time, feel free to speculate away…

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