Forgeworld Tank Crew

Those bunch of mentalists at Forgeworld have released some new Space Marine tank crew variants. The set includes helmeted & unhelmeted MKII Crusade armour and a MKIV Maximus armour.

It’s a nice idea but at £12 for 3 it’s a little pricey and, if I’m honest, the quality of the casts in the shots below would make me think twice about spending £4 a model for what is essentially decoration.

That said, apart from the dodgy hand, the unhelmeted due with the scope is way cool. But I’ll leave you to make up your own minds.

One thought on “Forgeworld Tank Crew

  1. Forgeworld is so uneven to me. Great models, fantastic ideas, but once inspected up-close, what borders on almost shoddy execution (specifically the casting). Maybe not as bad as Finecast (I personally went through five Lord Draigo models)…..

    Yea, too pricey for its value (the last guy is the best one, though).

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