The Intrepid Endeavours of Cornelius Blow

Michael Barnes, aka @elblondino, has been hard at work creating the web comic; The Intrepid Endeavours of Cornelius Blow. Always one for promoting such things I got Michael to provide me with a couple of pages as well as a synopsis of the story.

It is the year 1893, and dark times are looming over the entire British Empire. With technology marching on at a steady pace there are those in the world that would upset the balance of world power forever.

Professor Cornelius Blow is a renowned British scientist who uncovers a way to harness the power of electricity to heal the human body. That is until he is involved in a horrendous accident. He soon discovers all is not as it seems, as he and his closest companions are indoctrinated into the ‘Bastion’. A secret organisation set up to protect Queen Victoria’s realm. That however is only the beginning! Cornelius and his companions are drawn into a dark and terrifying world where evil lurks around every corner. Can they halt the tide of darkness before it envelops the entire world?

It all sounds like a jolly good romp and the comic is shaping up nicely. For more information on the comic pop over to the website or, alternatively you can bother him on Twitter. Which would be far more fun. Michael will be posting updates on his webcomic on Twitter so keep your eyes peeled. I shall be catching up with very soon so you can all find out exactly what kind of mentalist he is…

In the mean time, enjoy the pages below.

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