The Oroshan Menace

Not to be confused with Babysham, the Oroshan are a new and, by the sounds of things, gribbly race for Firestorm Armada. Aside from looking awesome it signals to me a potential seminal point in Firestorm Armada’s development. This new race represents either a new rule book or a moving away from having all the fleet lists in a single book, or both. Doing so makes complete sense as it doesn’t take much to make the existing lists obsolete which results in rule fixes on the website which have to be downloaded and before you know it you’ve got as many tatty bits of paper as you have pages in the rulebook. We’ve already seen individual books with the Covenant of Antarctica for Dystopian Wars and I think it works well. Personally I’d like to see a complete book for each fleet with lots of lovely background and data cards done away with all together but that’s just me.

Anyway, here’s what Spartan Games has to say about their latest creation…

For a millennia the Oroshan Imperium has lingered in despair. Lost in the vastness of space, this nomadic race is a danger to any space faring vessel they encounter.

Oroshan Reaper Class Battleship

Oroshan Reaper Class Battleship

Survival is the driving force of this proud race, and survive they must. Following the destruction of their own star system by a supernova, the Elders moved the survivors onboard vast colony ships and even into bio-habitats onboard their military vessels. The Oroshan now move from system to system, its military commanded by the Elders to strip any raw materials they need to keep their peoples alive and their fleet in space. Should a powerful race be encountered, tenuous deals can be struck and Oroshan vessels have been known to assume mercenary roles – for a fee of course!

Over the centuries this race has crafted its art of destruction, and now the Oroshan has begun its campaign of terror in the Stormzone. With no allegiances, the vessels of all fleets are at risk of destruction by this race, but the more daring races can forge relations.

Oroshan Reaper Class BattleshipOroshan Reaper Class Battleship

Oroshan Defiler Class CruiserOroshan Defiler Class Cruiser

Oroshan Defiler Class CruiserOroshan Defiler Class Cruiser

Oroshan Defiler Class CruiserOroshan Defiler Class Cruiser

Oroshan Defiler Class CruiserOroshan Defiler Class Cruiser

Oroshan Riever Class Frigate

Oroshan Riever Class Frigate


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