Next on the Shell Case Shorts…

With nine days to go until the second Shell Case Shorts competition closes I thought I’d let you know what was coming for the next competitions running over March & April.

March will be a Fantasy based competition. Like February’s it’ll be 5,000 words all based on Fantasy wargaming IP. This story will make up the last story of the Shell Case Shorts anthology. The prize will be two, yes two signed books from none other than Gav Thorpe.

April is all about Origins. 3,000 words on the history of a Space Marine chapter, military regiment, faction etc, created by you for an existing wargaming IP. It can be Sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk, anything you like. But it must be an origins piece, not a story about them specifically. Consider homeworld/nation, doctrine, organisation, battle cry etc.

The prize for this hasn’t been confirmed yet but I’m on the case.

I won’t list Ts & Cs here but keep you eyes peeled for these posts, they’ll be going up on the 1st March & 1st April respectively.

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