Incoming Tyranids & Space Wolves

Courtesy of a very naughty Games Workshop member of staff, or a very quick-witted and equally naughty customer, in the European corner of the Empire we can get a glimpse of the long overdue Space Wolves Thunderwolves and some big fat Tyranid Beaties such as plastic winged Hive Tyrant and the Tervigone.

I apologise for the quality of some of the pictures, they were presumably snapped rather quickly…but take a look, have a bit of a dribble and then re-mortgage the house.

One thought on “Incoming Tyranids & Space Wolves

  1. The SW models caused me to sob uncontrollably. Thank Russ that GW FINALLY made some appropriate wolves, both Thunder and otherwise. The Fenris wolves will of course be all over the place now, which is a good thing! Oh yeah and yay Tyranids. Lol

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