Despair No More

Blimey, did I have my work cut out for me with the painting competition! I thought judging people’s writing was hard but nothing compares to scrutinising a painted model via a photograph. So apologies for taking so long to make a decision (work is also partly to blame) but we have a winner.

Congratulations to Erin Freeman aka @SixEleven for his cracking Skaven Warlock Engineer model by Games Workshop.

At first I didn’t pay his entry that much attention (no offence Erin) because it was a plastic box game model, but as I sat here torn between two other entries I took another look and realised actually, what a great paint job Erin did on it. The contrasting colours, the subtle low lighting and the excellent texturing on the armour, not to mention the fleshy quality of the skin, particularly the tail, and the beautifully shaded skull all go towards making it a very worthy winner.

Erin will receive a model of his choice up to the value of £15 and is no doubt, as I type, pouring over websites trying to decide what to get.

All the entries were of an excellent standard, and special mentions have to go to Lee Parry (@NationofLee) for his Wood Elf Highborn and Andy Goodacre (@AndyThe3DMan) for his Trollblood Axer. Both were excellent.

I shall do another couple of PoD competitions over the next few months so keep your eyes peeled and, in the mean time, have a good look at the photo below.

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