The Noblest of Undertakings

One of our number is doing something a bit special and I urge you all to read the below and then make contact because you get two things out of it. 1. You help save lives and 2. You get some models painted to a bloody good standard.

Leigh Buckett, aka @BigBoyBucky is offering us the opportunity to get some commission models painted and all the proceeds are going to Cancer Research UK. Without laying it on too thick, every one of us knows someone who has either lost the fight or continues to wage war against cancer and it isn’t becoming of a community like ours to not support one of our own who has lost someone dear to them. And, you know, shiny painted toys!

Leigh has got mad skills with a paint brush so sponsor the old boy a tenner and get a character painted up. Simples.

You can check out some examples of his work here – BoyBucky and below is a little fluff from him as to why he’s doing it.

In July 2011 I lost someone to cancer who I loved very dearly and in conjunction with my employer (TK Maxx); I’m on a mission to raise some much deserved money for Cancer Research UK!

My plan is to use the 20+ years of painting toy soldiers for something useful and as such I shall be offering commission painting services between now and April with 100% of all proceeds going to CRUK. Obviously because this is a mission to raise as much money as possible I’d like to stick with single models (characters, monsters, warjacks etc) and as a rule of thumb will be painting them to a “display” standard, i.e. I want to offer the opportunity for people to get a really nice looking model whilst making sure CRUK get some money out of it.

If this interests you and you’d like something painted, please contact me at for details or find me on Twitter @Bigboybucky. All payments will be done through this site to avoid complications and keep things nice and transparent. I’m happy to foot the bill for the first 10 commissions or up to £250 worth for postage (recorded) back to you, but I’ll obviously expect people to either post to me or if possible; to meet me at Maelstrom Games / Warhammer World if applicable.

You can view his JustGiving page here.

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