When The Doom Of Mymeara was released a while back now I was really excited. The idea of another Wolf Lord being released and that Forge World were going to do it blew my mind. The Eldar models to go with the campaing were fantastic and I can’t wait for some Space Wolf things to follow.

Brad’s personal icon is the Bloodied Hunter, which fits him and his Great Company well. Bran and his followers are natural hunters, and Bran has a natural talent for second-guessing his enemies’ moves. He specializes in encircling actions, positioning hisGrey Hunters to lie in wait as his enemy flees in the face of his front-line advance. Once his enemy is trapped, Bran’s Wolves unleash their savagery, and their enemy is literally torn to pieces

I came across a picture of what the Bran Redmaw model might look like from a picture from Games Day…

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