I ♥ Forgeworld

They’re all completely mental and that’s why I ♥ Forgeworld. The reasons for the current trouser movements is entirely down to the utterly awesome new releases for the Minotaurs Chapter. Specifically Asterion Moloc and Ivanus Enkomi, chapter master and chaplain respectively. I mean look at them! They’re spectacular. £30 for the set is actually amazing value when you consider the utterly average multipart plastic Space Marine commander kit is £14!

This is the fluff from the Forgeworld website:

The name of the bloody-handed and paranoid master of the Minotaurs Chapter, Asterion Moloc, is a byword for slaughter and destruction in the name of the Imperium across a hundred worlds, yet he is also a diligent and disciplined logistician and a master of siege craft. In battle he can most often be found at the head of his 1st Company Terminators, and when not prosecuting a conflict he occupies a brazen throne at the very heart of his flagship, the labyrinthine heavy assault carrier Daedelos Krata. 

The gaunt and brooding Reclusiarch Ivanus Enkomi became the eyes and voice of his master during the Badab War; an aloof and distant observer at Carab Culln’s war-councils. A paradox, whose red-irised eyes and crimson-tattooed features speak of some feral origin, yet in whose voice lies a capacity for fierce and stirring oratory, Chaplain Enkomi is a skilled tactical commander, most notably during the Loyalist attack on Shaprias that uncovered the black depths to which the Tyrant of Badab’s treachery had sunk. 

And if that weren’t enough, Forgeworld have also released a shiny new Rapier Laser Destroyer. Simple but utterly awesome, the kit comes with two MkIII power armoured Space Marine crew and, again, is a reasonable (relatively) £29.  So, all in all, it’s a good day to be a Space Marine player. Experimental rules can be found here.

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