The Empire Marches to War

This video hit the Games Workshop website today putting any rumours about the impending re-release of The Empire for Warhammer Fantasy to the wall.

And here’s some pages from the latest White Dwarf. I’m a bit mixed about these to be honest. Initially I thought the Griffin was cool. Now I just think it’s a feeble attempt by the Games Workshop to massively overcharge for something that was a nice kit at a reasonable price. Although it does include the option to have Karl Franz.

Although gamers rejoice, there is finally a plastic War Altar although, again, it’s massive and comes with two extra options which no doubt counter balance the mad as batshit creatures and devices that have been released in other armies. Warhammer takes another zero gravity moon-step towards the deranged…

The Demigryph models are a nice idea and presumably will replace the Knights of the Inner Circle upgrade. Although don’t quote me on it. All in all, my feelings are a bit mixed but I’ll reserve judgement until I get the chance to have a look at them in the plastic.

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