Empire Range Unveiled

I posted about this the other day but the range has hit the Games Workshop site for pre-order I thought I’d show you proper images rather than those snapped from a copy of a White Dwarf that someone, somewhere took and then gave to the world.

For the most part the range doesn’t do much for me, which is a shame because the Empire is by far my favourite army. I’m still not sure about the Griffin, although it’s grown on me slightly. Although the head is just too small. The Wizardy warmachines are a bit too mental for me as well. The steam tank was my limit on that front. To be clear, the models are fine, I just don’t know how I feel about the direction the Empire army is being taken. It feels confused – trapped between Steampunk and Fantasy, neither really one or the other. The demigryph cavalry are pretty cool and are a nice addition to the army without straying from the Empire feel, but at £33.50 for 3 that tea is too rich for the likes of me. The mad thing is that the hero on a Griffin is 50 pence cheaper for a shit load more plastic. Go figure.

The characters are, in my opinion, poor. The Witch Hunter (dude with a fooking massive sword on his back) is pretty nice, although I’m not sure I’d use him as a Witch Hunter, but the rest just leave me cold. I’m genuinely gutted because the characters, thus far, for the Empire were really good. The general on foot with the hammer is gorgeous, as are the existing Warrior Priests. Even the multipart plastic battle wizards and general are perfectly fine. These new ones feel sloppy. Shame.

2 thoughts on “Empire Range Unveiled

  1. They look fine to me, but I’m not really a die hard WFB player. I never seem to get my army painted in time to use it under a given ruleset. It hurts that I was talked into play goblins all those years ago.

    My big concern is dollar cost and the time it would take to paint some of those huge models, huge models and rank upon rank of the same or similar guys are my nemesis which is why I probably don’t play much Warhammer Fantasy Battle. 😉

    1. In fairness, they’re not bad models, they’re just a bit too stylised and cartoonish compared to the previous models. But that’s the way WFB is going at the moment. Everything is very exaggerated. It’ll swing back the other way in a couple of years when the GW remembers it’s the grownups that have all the money and the kids only have as much money as the grownups allow them to have.

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