Land Raider Spartan

Another gem from the Forgeworld Open Day, the much rumoured return of the Land Raider Spartan. Forgive the photos, they aren’t mine. As you can see it’s a big bugger, but no surprise considering it’s designed specifically for transporting Terminators. And yes, that’s quad lascannons mounted on the sponsons. After some digging around I found some test rules from late last year. They’re by no means official. Or even officially unofficial from Forgeworld. But at least it’ll give you an idea of what to expect when the Spartan is unleashed upon the foes of the Emperor.

Land Raider Spartan – 350 Points

BS: 4 ¦ Front: 14 ¦ Side: 14 ¦ Rear: 14

Unit Composition: 1 Land Raider

Unit Type: Vehicle (Tank)

Wargear: Twin-linked heavy bolter (hull mounted) ¦ Two twin-lined Lascannons (sponsons) ¦ Heavy Bolter (pintle-mounted) ¦
Extra Armour ¦ Smoke launchers ¦ Searchlight

Transport Capacity: Thirty (30) models

Special Rules:
Power of the Machine Spirit
Assault Vehicle
Spartan Assault Vehicle: Counts as open topped for embarkation & disembarkation purposes, but not otherwise affected by this rule. Units entering combat directly from the Spartan also count as having offensive grenades.
Multiple Squads: May carry multiple squads/unit entries

May replace heavy bolter with:
– Heavy Flamer………… free
– Multi-Melta ……………. +10 pts

May replace hull-mounted heavy bolter with:
– Twin-linked Assault Cannon… +25 pts

May replace sponson mounted lascannons with:
– Hurricane Bolters ………….. free
– Twin-linked Heavy Flamer….free

May take any of the following:
-a storm bolter…….. +10 pts
-a hunter killer missile …… +10pts
-a dozer blade……. +5pts
-a siege shield……. +10pts

Discuss it on The Shell Case forum.

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