Russian Coalition Preview

Those fine chaps at Spartan continue their onslaught of awesome with a preview of Russian Coalition models…and a bit of fluff.

Tsar Vladimir I Nikolaievich Rurik-Novy is an aggressive player in European politics, but has grand aspirations to make the Russian Coalition a world superpower. As such, he pushes his Army commanders to their limits, and they in turn hammer the White Army into a lethal weapon.
The Russian Coalition is, by far, the largest land-based power amongst the world nations. But the unrelenting nature of this nation is not just confined to the rolling thunder of the White Army; the White Navy also brings with it its own crushing force.

The Russian Coalition

With the Tsar’s ambitions and forces ever-growing, the other nations are beginning to truly feel the rumble of this powerhouse as it approaches. What was once a distant concern for the nations of Europe, is now a very real, very large and very dangerous threat. The Russian Coalition are on the move…

Russian Coalition – Borodino Class Battleship

Russian Coalition – Suvorov Class Frigate

Russian Coalition – Kursk Class Land Dreadnought

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