More Codex Chaos Legion Rumours

More rumours are flying around for the looming Codex Chaos Legions book. As we draw ever closer to the release of 6th edition it would appear that there may well be two Chaos Space Marine books after all, bringing the number of Codices up to 3.

I think this is pretty fair considering the loyal sons of the Emperor have 6 and that number may increase.

Anyway, add salt to taste…

-The new codex is squarely focused on the original 9 Traitor Legions and their factions. More recent renegade chapters (like the Red Corsairs) may get the cold shoulder.

-Chaos to get a form of Preferred Enemy on certain units.

-Daemon Princes may wind up being the only “Marked” Daemonic creatures – meaning either no god-specific daemons, or god-specific units but without the use of “Marks”.

-Daemon Princes moving in line with the ones in the Daemon Codex but “with a more Chaos Space Marine feel”, probably with specific benefits for different Legions.

-Chosen may not have access to Terminator Armour.

-Cult Terminators return in some form.

-Another “generic cult terminator” unit that gains special rules according to the Legion being played.

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