Salute 2012

I’m taking advantage of popping over to see my folks to use their Interwebs. My house move has become something akin to a Carry On film. Except it’s not funny…so it’s exactly like a Carry On film.

Regardless of the waking hell I’m currently living through I will be attending Salute 2012. Afterall, that Relic Contemptor Dreadnought isn’t going to buy itself. Although how handy would that be?!

Anyway, I shall be attending with two of The Chaps – Lee and Jeremy and will do my best to Tweet and post pictures throughout the day and then I’ll round it up with a post-Salute…er…post once I get interwebs of my own restored.

As mentioned on Twitter and on The Shell Case forums I have had a t-shirt made up with The Shell Case logo on it so if you see some dude walking around with the image below on his back make sure you come and say hi.

I’d also really like to get as many #warmongers together, perhaps for lunch, as possible so I shall be sending out a tweet along the lines of #SaluteWarmongersAssemble so keep your eyes peeled around 1pm. We’ll be meeting at the Square Pie Shop.

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