Salute 2012 in review

Yes, I’m finally back on the interwebs after quite possibly the most shambolic house move in the history of the world. However God was smiling down upon me as we completed on Friday afternoon, meaning I could still go to Salute with Lee & Jeremy of The Chaps. Huzzah!
Having been to Salute before, albeit a decade a go, I was very excited. Not just for me but because this was Lee’s first ‘proper’ glimpse of what non-Games Workshop wargaming had to offer. Although he’s been playing Dystopian Wars and Firestorm I don’t think he appreciated the scale of the wargaming industry.

However a very real pang of excitement I was feeling was for the Relic Contemptor Dreadnought I was going to buy myself. The mistake I made was talking about it on the drive up because between Lee and Jeremy I got so excited about choosing between twin assault cannon and twin auto cannon I decided that the easiest (and awesomest) thing to do was to buy two. So I did. Within 5 minutes of arriving. £94 gone in less time than it took to withdraw 100 notes from the cash machine. And you know what? I’d do it again tomorrow.

There were a couple of treats on the Forgeworld stand, like the Tartaros Terminators with assault weapons.
And the rather natty K’Daai FIreborn which have hit the Forgeworld website. And at £36 for three (and they’re sizeable) isn’t bad.
Beyond that I was free to enjoy the day, my pocket considerably lighter.

I made sure that I stopped by all the various companies I’d done reviews for – Freebooter, Amera, Ainsty, GCT etc – to say hello, and snapped up a couple of samples along the way including a copy of Project Pandora by Mantic. But more on that another day. Needles to say the consensus between Jeremy & Lee was that I’m a jammy bastard. I concur.

And whilst popping over to see Andy from Heresy Miniatures I may or may not have had a little splurge on little gems…
Van Halfling (no really) will be a wound counter for my Witch Hunter Captain and the Barbarian dude was just too cool not to get. No idea what I’m using for but never mind.

The lunchtime meet up with the #warmongers was ace, and great to put faces to names. Big thanks to Rob’s other half for the simply delicious cakes. Because Excel was so crowded the 20 or so of us that showed up for the #SaluteWarmongersAssemble lunch were relegated to a patch of very hard floor. Still the mood was good and everyone got on really well. Next year I hope there will be a stronger community presence.

My favourite part of the day was chatting with Sarah Cawkwell & James Swallow about the Horus Heresy series. We concluded swiftly that the Primarchs, for the most part, have Daddy issues. But I’ll be writing a musings post on the Horus Heresy very soon. Then later I got the chance to talk to Graham McNeill about the Ultramarines and how awesome they are. Aside from being an awesomely nice guy and signing my copy of A Chapter’s Due he also expressed an interest in supporting the Shell Case Shorts.

It was such a thrill to meet three writers that I hold in such high regard and actually keep up with the conversation. Although I realised that there’s still so much I can learn. It’s made me realise that I have a 40k novel in me somewhere and I may just have to put fingers to keyboard.

Here’s to Salute 2013.

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