Freebooter Miniatures Review – Macati

Part two the Freebooter Miniatures triple is the Macati mantis warrior from the Amazonian range. When I first saw the model on the Freebooter website my exact words were ‘that’s mental’. Because it is. I saw the shot below and just couldn’t believe a model like that would go together easily or without some pretty horrendous weaknesses.

There are times when I’m happy to admit I’m wrong. Just don’t tell my wife. In fact, this conversation never happened…

Aside from the antennae which are a bit of a faff requiring filing and far nimbler fingers than my own to stick in place, the arms actually go together rather nicely and with enough surface area for both parts to get a good purchase. I’ve deliberately treated the model quite rough – knocking it over and picking it up by the mantis claws – to see what it’ll take to break but so far it has remained intact. And that’s with using GW’s shit thin super glue.

If I’m honest, I don’t know really where to start with Macati because it is, as mentioned, mental. The pose is so dynamic with fabrics flowing all around the model giving it an outstanding feel of motion which is a wonderful contrast to Totol that I reviewed way back in February. Totol possessed the elegance of a hunter. She was balanced on a tree stump ready to stick anyone who came too close. Macati’s elegance comes from her presence and the fluidity that she clearly moves with. It’s a very different but that’s what makes the Amazonian range so good. Each model tells a story whilst still working as a whole range on a gaming board.

Please excuse the dodgy photography, but hopefully you’ll be able to see the presence Macati has. It’s a big model with so much detail it’s actually a little tough to know where to start. The mantis headdress is awesome and not only is it, in itself, very detailed but you can still clearly see the eyes behind it. And it may seem strange to comment on it but the mouth is superbly sculpted. She’s not screaming or wailing, she’s singing. Tied to her movements and the elaborate outfit, the chunky Amazonian necklace and even the slightly ornate corset that Macait is wearing gives the model a great sense of occasion and points towards a very ritualistic form of combat.

A great deal of love went in Macati. She even has charms around her ankle and going up her legs. She is a very busy model but everything feels deliberate, emphasising the importance the mantis warrior has within the Amazonian faction. But despite all the elegance and the baubles that decorate her person there’s no getting away (literally) from those massive mantis claws.

Aside from being really well sculpted they are ugly, vicious looking things and stood next to another model there is absolutely no question that she means business. And not the good  kind of business. I love the juxtaposition of the inherent femininity & elegance of the model with the insectoid menace of the mantis claws and the headdress. It’s a strange balance between ceremony, honour, duty, religion, nature and war. The Macati model tells quite a story and is completely and utterly awesome.

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