Freebooter Miniature Review – Casimeere Flynn

The third part in my Freebooter Miniatures review is the eagerly awaited, and currently unavailable, Casimeere Flynn. I’m reliably informed by Hendrik at Freebooter that this is the model all the ladies have been waiting for.


The thing that first struck me about Mr Flynn is that he tells quite a different story to pretty much every other model in the Freebooter range. Flynn is the cadish, fopish…something else beginning with ish swash buckler who woos the ladies whilst secretly stealing all their gold. And most likely wearing their underwear. What? It’s the hair style.

Flynn is another nicely understated yet cinematic offering confidently striding forward whilst…er…smelling a rose in a manly fashion with hand and drawing a fecking huge sword with the other. Despite the Hugh Grant hair circa 4 Weddings and a Funeral (showing my age now) and the aforementioned flora, the sword points towards only once conclusion. For all the flower sniffing and sensitive hair, this chap means business.


The model itself, once again sorry for the shoddy photography, is a little light on detail especially if I was to compare it to Macati that I reviewed yesterday, however it does have a lot of nice little touches that points towards the characters wealth without being ostentatious like his other more black-hearted cohorts. For one thing he’s wearing a duelling jacket complete with offset buttons. His trousers also have tassels at the hems which is just a mad level of attention to pay towards a models trousers from a sculpting point of view.

There’s even clear detailing on the rose in his hand and the two he’d discarded on the flower. Presumably he’d used up all the smell and needed fresh ones…

If you take a look at the snap below it’s actually a great pose. It’s the start of the fight scene where Zorro, or some equally attractive demigod who all the girls fancy, smarmily tosses the girl with the massive boobs in the gypsy top a rose before drawing his big weapon (a-ha!) and then promptly dose in everyone in the saloon/taver/bar/ale house*. And as mentioned it’s a seriously big weapon (stop it!) sword. It’s also really nicely sculpted. The scabbard is, for a change with 28-30mm models, correctly proportioned and the basket is excellent, to the point that you can actually see Flynn’s fingers between each piece of metal. Which is just mad attention to detail. Love it.

*delete where appropriate.


As I’ve come to expect from Freebooter Miniatures, the casting quality is very good with little cleaning at all and overall the sculpt is very clean. Building it is a bit on the fiddly side. That’s not to say it’s taxing but because both arms go across the body they slightly get in each other’s way regardless of which way round you glue them on. And because the rose needs to be near Flynn’s face and you’re dealing with super glue you have to get it right first time or there’s a lot of faffing and cursing. By no means the end of the world and the model still looks ace, it’s just something I found when building it last night.


At first glance Casimeere Flynn seems very simple. Understated. But I think that’s the point. On the surface this styled and manicured sissy man looks more softy than swords men but it’s only when you start noticing all the little details that you realise that you’re dealing with a stone cold killer that will probably toss the rose he’s been sniffing – and that you’ve been teasing him about – on your lifeless bleeding corpse. Then go and sleep with your wife.

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