Heresy Miniatures Review

Whilst at Salute the other week I found myself over at the Heresy Miniatures stand chatting with the thoroughly nice chaps and oggling all the various models in the cabinets, especially the models that most definitely aren’t Delaques that most definitely aren’t for Necromunda.

However my eye was drawn to a fantasy miniature, which is, generally, very unlike me unless I can cram it into Mordheim some how. The model in question is the Barbarian Warlord, first cast back in 2008.

Although not the newest model in the Heresy catalogue I just had to buy him because, quite simply, he looks awesome. I think the thing that really gets me is that he’s not a typical barbarian model. He’s not swinging his axe wildly, nor is he covered in rags, nor chains. However he still looks hard as nails! The casual pose with that massive axe rested on his shoulder screams ‘walk away now and I’ll let you live’. Because you know, when the axe starts swinging it’s only going to end one, very messy, way.

Beyond the pose, the detail does well to convey the skull splitting bad-assery of the model without going overboard. All the armour is down one side which is a nice touch. It indicates that (A) he has status in that he has armour at all and (B) he favours his right hand when fighting so presents his off side to the enemy. However restricting the armour to his left side still gives him mobility, which is key. Although that gauntlet looks like it could bring some serious hurt, and is one of my favourite bits of the model.

I like attention to detail like that. It shows actual thought has gone into the model rather than ‘lets give him a weapon twice his size and give him a huge suit of armour and cover every surface we can with spikes and skulls!’ I’m all for fantasy but it also needs to be possible excluding magic, demons and all that jiggery pokery of course.

The little touches are all evident as well on the model. The throwing knives and coin purse are all competently sculpted so when they’re painted they’ll look the part. Even the cloak has clasps attaching it to the armour which is a silly level of detail that I haven’t seen for a while. And the mentalists have even sculpted muscle definition on the chest. Which is great so now Thor and the Barbarian Warlord can make me feel inadequate together.

Overall it’s a top model. The mould lines were a bit of a sod in places but I can’t dock too many points for that as the casting quality itself is very good. And for £6.50 it’s an absolute bargain. If you haven’t checked out Heresy Miniatures go there right now and grab yourself a little slice of awesome.

2 thoughts on “Heresy Miniatures Review

  1. I’ve been looking at their products and they’re all incredible. I’ve only seen a fraction of their stuff but I’m yet to find something I don’t like

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