When Mecha met Reality

I spotted this video this evening and I thought it was worth a share.

Basically it’s a bunch of Japanese wargamers that decied to make a pilotable Mech. Yes. Pilotable.

Aside from making my two companies of Ultramarines look rather paltry in comparison this highlights something that I’ve always been aware of – we are making our science fiction science fact. These guys have built a 12ft Mech that’s controlled using, at its core, Xbox Kinect. We live in an age where consumable technology is so sophisticated it can control the next generation of warmachines.

It’s awesome and scary all at the same time. It started with the iPad (other tablets are available). We looked at the data pads in Star Trek and said ‘I want one.’ We have them 300 years before Star Trek is set. Actually, ours are better. Civilians are building Mechs, so God only knows what military R&D is up to, other than rail gun technology which is quite possibly the best worst kept weapons tech secret. Eitherway it’s highlighting how the lines between science fiction and reality are becoming increasingly blurred. But I guess that’s how it should be. Fiction, especially science fiction, is meant to inspire scientists, engineers and associated ilk to make those ideas come true.

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