Staffing Up

John of The Chaps emailed me this evening with a very good idea which was to expand horizons of The Shell Case by bringing on board some new writers.

The Shell Case has always been about supporting the wargaming community through reviews, news, hobby articles, scenarios, painting guides etc. for almost a year now. However, I am but one man and I so I can only write about what I have time to do.

So, ever with the community in mind, and with such a tremendous wealth of talent within it I’m launching a test balloon and offering you all the opportunity to write for The Shell Case.

If you’re interested complete the form below making sure you indicate the type of article you’d like to write. Please bear in mind:

If, based on the form, I think you could be right for the blog I’ll ask you to write a sample piece.

You’ll need to be fairly prolific and be able to provide content as often as weekly.

The Shell Case isn’t monetized so you won’t get paid, just credited.

This is a test programme and will only go ahead if enough people want to join the cause.

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