I see a sea shell on a Big Scary Monster…

Whilst trawling the interwebs I stumbled across what appears to be an aquatic skirmish game that goes by the name of Shadowsea. A rather unique looking animal it looks like it falls into my freshly created Steamfantasy genre*. The models look good enough and on the surface just appear to be dudes rather than named characters so that’s promising. Plus I quite like the thought of a Journey to the Centre of the Earth style romp.

*I may not have created Steamfantasy

The fluff goes a little something like this:

The underground world discovered by Captain Brewer was unlike any that the scholars and alchemists had seen, but there had been hints of such a land in crumbling maps found in desert tombs and on murals discovered in temples in the steaming jungles of the New World. Beyond the stupendous finding of lost civilizations and undreamed hoards of gold, was the discovery of ancient artifacts that appeared to have powers that could only be described as diabolical by all but a few decrepit sages. How else to explain devices made from crystal and unknown alloys that could cause things to occur that defied all of the laws of nature. Lightning without clouds, buildings lifted off the ground, instantaneous transportation of objects or even people, all and more were found as properties of the few artifacts that were retrieved from this new underground world and its shadowy sea.

The book looks a little like this:

And some of the beasties look like this:

It all looks like a good bit of fun. I shall investigate further and report back…

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