Dystopian Wars Russian Coalition Previews

A few images were put out on the interwebs some time ago for the Russian Coalition but it seems the Red Bear is on the move and with some pretty serious hardware.

I suspect that the Russian Coalition forces will have hefty guns but sod all armour. Whatever their stats the models look awesome. Although I have to concede that the bombers & frigates that the naval battle group look bonkers.

The Russians will be available from the 25th July.

5 thoughts on “Dystopian Wars Russian Coalition Previews

  1. the frigates are actually based on real russian ships. they only ever built 2. the theory behind the ship is the more surface area the bigger guns it can hold. it did work but whenever one of the turrets fired, the ship would spin round and round. hahahaha

  2. but seriously, the bombers look like the IKA squid and a giant jellyfish got married and their kids got their hands on some jetpacks.hahahaha

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