MkIV Space Marine Command Set

Forgeworld have done it again! An utterly gorgeous Space Marine command set containing a MkIV armoured captain and company standard-bearer. As one would expect, they look gorgeous, oozing awesome from every post human pore.

But by far the best bit is that the set of two models costs £25. This may seem steep but it works out at £12.50 a model, that’s cheaper than a plastic Space Marine captain. Yes, it’s still, strictly speaking a rip off. And yes, you don’t get all the extra parts. But it’s good for GW and who gives a shit when they look that nice?! Rather conveniently they’re dispatching from the 29th June which is just in time for pay day…and *click*.

One thought on “MkIV Space Marine Command Set

  1. Have to say that the Banner doesn’t really do anything for me but the Captain is another matter. I’m thinking some Green Stuff wolf pelts, a few Wolf Guard bits and I could be on to something…

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